Top 10 of the Greatest Super Hero Drinks Ever

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4. Thor’s Hammer

Thor is basically a Norse god from outer space right? Being a Norse god, you cant but drink the finest space liquor and cosmic beer! But when Thor puts down his cosmic space goblet and hits up Earth to slum it with his human pals, he has his favorites like all of us. Perhaps mixing vodka, cranberry, and lager is as close to a galactic cocktail as one can get on this planet? We sure think so.

• 4 oz. Vodka
• 5 oz. Cranberry juice
• 3 oz. Lager or Meade


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3. Shazam Shooter

The Shazam Shooter could also be called the Captain Marvel Shooter, but it honestly sounds no way near as great. Any chance you get to say or yell Shazam, you got to take it. Although when you yell shazam no magical bolt of lightning will turn you into basically Superman, you will still feel really good about it. When you stop to pound this drink, make sure you are yelling shazam before every sip.

• 1 shot Apple Schnapps
• 1 shot Raspberry Liqueur
• 3/4 oz Ice
• Cranberry juice to fill on top


via Vgulp

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