Top 10 of the Greatest Super Hero Drinks Ever

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2. The Wolverine

Wolverine aka Logan is just a normal dude with an unbreakable metal skeleton, immortality granting healing powers, a disturbing past, and bad ass deadly claws who likes a drink now and then. When he is not being forced to make another movie, he likes to drink 50-100 beers and shots until he can’t feel feelings anymore. A true alcoholic hero with full intention of getting as messed up as possible. Really no different than the rest of us.

• 1 Beer
• 1 Shot



1. The Flash Cocktail

No matter which Flash we are talking about, they all like to go super fast and wear red spandex. If your a fan of this speedster, you will likely also be a fan of how fast his drink will get you tipsy. This particular beverage is looks great, tastes delicious, and packs a lighting fast kick to your sobriety.

• 4 oz Izze Pomegranate Soda
• 2 oz Cranberry Juice Cocktail
• 2 oz Vodka
• Lemon



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