The Top 10 Classiest Cocktails in the World

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8. Screwdriver

The basic screwdriver is a combination of vodka and orange juice. This time honored favorite boasts a similar healing effect as the Bloody Mary, but with that sweet orange flavor instead of that robust tomato. People of all (legal) ages have been slamming this bomb beverage for years and there is no real end in sight for this beloved beverage. If you want to up your screwdriver game, grab some of that pineapple orange juice mixture next time you visit the store.


via MyBestDrinks

7. Bellini

What makes Bellini stand out is the combination of peach puree or nectar with Prosecco sparkling wine. There’s a reason why many people love it, because it offers a great drinking sensation and it looks stunning as well. Come on, who doesn’t like a good pink bubbly once in awhile?


via Wikipedia

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