The Top 10 Classiest Cocktails in the World

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6. Vodka Martini

The Vodka Martini is one of the most simple and fantastic drinks around. The main ingredients in any basic vodka martini are vodka, vermouth, an olive, and ice if desired. If you are feeling real frisky and want to mix it up, try getting it dirty (they add olive juice and it is actually awesome) or with gin. Also if you want to get your American patriotism on, many a president (looking at you Roosevelt) loved this beverage and were likely buried with one in their hand.


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5. Gin and Tonic

Gin and tonic on ice is just a great setup for a drink. You get this powerful flavor of gin mixed with this bubbly mellow tone of tonic to bring it down to a manageable level of enjoyment. Hipsters the world over are screaming at their computer screens right now and demanding we mention twists of lime or how one should only use a certain type of gin. But that is not the point. This drink is meant to get you tipsy on an even and historically classy level. Toast friends!


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