Drinking Accessories That Will Change The Way You Drink Forever

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8. Ice luge

The Ice Luge will give you an alcoholically arctic slap to the face that only penguins can dream about. Seriously though, the ice luge is an amazing drinking innovation that every person needs to have in their life from time to time. If you are not familiar with the luge, it works best like this: you get a giant block of ice, you carve two pathways from the top to the bottom of the ice, you position two people at the bottom of each ice path, and have people pour some sort of liquor from the top down the icy pathway. Then the two lucky folks at the bottom consume whatever alcohol was poured as it is super chilled running down the ice.


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7. Tie flask

Those meetings taking forever? Get a tie flask! We have all had to enter locations or events where alcohol is the one and only cure for complete boredom. Luckily, our alcohol loving ancestors have already dealt with these problems and upgraded the traditional flask into something more business casual. When you fill the tie flask, it will look a little funny and bloated, but that works as the extra incentive to flatten it out by slamming its contents!



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