Drinking Accessories That Will Change The Way You Drink Forever

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10. Glassware

It’s nice to drink out of a new glass or whatever, but why up your drinking game with something wild and crazy! This particular piece of glass has these octopus arms coming out that make it pretty weird and unique. We lovingly call it the octo glass. Search Amazon with the keywords “awesome drinking glassware” and see all the interesting possibilities for spicing up your drink life.


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9. Connectable drinking straws

OK we get it, not every drinking device is a revolutionary new mind bending invention. But we were all little kids once and used a bunch of straws to make a super straw. These days you can relive your childhood in more ways than just old home movies. Get yourself over to Amazon (check it out here) and check out some of these crazy straws for destroying multiple beverages at once. We recommend getting the thick straws with the big holes for sucking up massive quantities at once. Giggity.


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