Drinking Accessories That Will Change The Way You Drink Forever

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4. Whiskey Stones

>Do you like to sip on your liquor like some type of bad ass 50’s gangster? We all have our extra fancy moments where we channel our inner hipster, so why not do it like a pro? Whiskey stones are something that brown liquor lovers the world over rave about. Basically, you keep these rocks in your freezer and pop them into your cup whenever you want to sip on your hard strong beverage. The main idea is to keep your drink from getting watered down like it does from ice, but it also makes you look like you know exactly how to drink.


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3. Glowing drinks

Glow in the dark anything is generally pretty damn cool. Whether it was your posters as a teenager or some sort of after hour warehouse party, most of us have seen and appreciated a good glow in the dark shine. Luckily for us all, any drink can become a glow in the dark beverage. All you really need to do is add tonic water and turn on a black light. Some of the best set ups we have seen for a home bar is to get a black light near the tonic water and start mixing drinks in front of it. Gin and tonic seems to be easiest go to beverage for this, but everyone should mess around with tonic water for their drinks, you can make some fine beverages with that item.

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